Arduino MKR1000

The MKR1000 is a powerful and accessible board from Arduino with a 32bit ARM microcontroller and a built in WiFi module. The WiFi module includes ECC508 CryptoAuthentication and is shielded for EMF. The board also has lithium polymer battery handling built in for portable and rechargeable power.

To avoid disappointment and damage, please be aware that the MKR1000 uses 3V3 logic levels, not 5V like a standard Arduino. Applying 5V to digital pins or VCC will damage or destroy the device.


Installation / Getting Started

Getting the MKR1000 connected to the campus WiFi


Notes on MKR1000:

  • There is a problem at present with the Arduino ThingSpeak library – when downloading from a channel the MKR1000 only reads correct values twice and then reports a value of “0” for any subsequenct request
  • I can’t get the MKR1000 to work with AdafruitIO in either Arduino or PlatformIO – there seems to be a problem with the ArduinoHTTPClient library that hasn’t been updated since 2016