A Visual Ethnography

Chris Glynn, Dr. Natasha Mayo

The research projects in FABCR8 are inherently collaborative, and the nature of those collaborations offer as interesting an area for research as the projects themselves.

Creativity has been historically understood as monological – a dialogue between artist and materials – yet once understood as social, ‘a form of knowledge relevant and communicable amongst a collective’ a community of practice can evolve leading to more responsive and generative practice than individual endeavour alone.

Since 2017 Chris has continued to develop ways to visualise conversations at Snape Maltings Creative Campus, Altered Ego  and conferences at Cardiff Metropolitan University and  Cardiff University. 

Natasha Mayo and Chris Glynn attended the residential research trip to in Rhossilli 2017 in the role of visual ethnographers to identify and capture modes of collaboration taking place. 

The FabCre8 study built on Mayo’s recent publication “Civic Ceramics’ an investigation into practices that shift the focus of meaning from the artwork itself to the activity of a viewer’s interaction, investment and sense of ownership over it.

(Livingstone, A. and Petre, K. 2017 Ceramics Reader, Bloomsbury Pub.)

Academic Conference Dissemination:

Ceramics Communities Symposium, part of the COCA Conference series, Cardiff School of Art & Design, 2019