Ceramic 3D Printing Workshop

CSAD Staff

FabCre8 Micro Grants not only funded individual projects but also supported specialist workshops in Fab Lab which introduced staff and students to the potentials of new fabrication technologies.

Johnathan Keep is a leading researcher in the field of extrusion printing in clay and works with a series of self-build and Delta produced extrusion printers. FabCre8 funded a three day workshop with Johnathan based in FabLab where staff and students could explore potentials with coding for form making, materials and 3D printing.

Throughout the workshop material explorations were also undertaking using the FormLab stereolithographic printer to print directly in porcelain, removing the need to subsequently create moulds for ceramic forms and enabling the printing of internal chambers in ceramic forms. The knowledge gained from this workshop has subsequently informed further FabCre8 projects.