Cre8 VR

Researcher: John Counsell


1) New approaches to authoring narrative content in VR; i

2) Similar new approaches to authoring interactive VR based narrative embedded in Webpages:ii

3) Blend 3D Scanned real objects and digital models to provide exploratory interactive design development viewable in all of these different dimensions and resolutions.

4) Create interactive objects and examples for fully blended learning environments and skills development and delivery

5) Showcasing academic research such as Jay Young, Pip Lawrence and other researchers in CSAD in general and the Fablab in particular

6) Blending engagement into Museum environments, but also creating virtual museum outreaches…


1) Renderlights – 1 commercial “professional” software licence

2) BS Contact – X3D web browser interaction toolset

3) BS Content Studio – Optimisation and authoring X3D VR interactions