Internet of Things

Aidan Taylor

This research project explored different applications of IoT technology to a range of contexts spanning environmental to art.


TweeterPiTweets is an IOT device that captures garden birds that visit a bird feeder. The camera constantly takes low resolution images until it detects that a number of pixels have changed, it then takes a high resolution image and uploads it to Twitter. See the results at


IOT Planter

IOT Planter is an automated plant care device, it has multiple planters and a drainage system that recycles water. Sensors detect moisture in the soil and ambient conditions, which can trigger targeted watering to each planter. Sensor data is uploaded to the cloud so the user can monitor the soil conditions over time.

Solar Powered Pollution Monitor

As part of a collaboration with The Things Network Cardiff, this ongoing project aims to develop low power automated pollution monitoring systems that can be deployed remotely. Each device has a long range radio utilising LoRaWAN technology. The Things Network is a decentralised, citizen led initiative to create a free wireless network for devices.


IOTouch is a collaborative work with Ingrid Murphy,

This work exploits the translucency of bone china and the conductivity of lustre to create a touch capacitance sensing illuminating object. An embedded IoT enabled PCB allow tow identical hands to connect simultaneously across continents. This networked connectivity allows a viewer to touch the object in the museum and it simultaneously illuminates its partner’s hand in the artist’s home.

Exhibited at:

‘Breaking Ground’ Indian Ceramics Triennial, JKK Museum, Jaipur 2018

“Seen and Unseen’. Ruthin Craft Centre, Mission Gallery, Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Gallery 1 Aberystwyth Art Centre. 2019