John Pigott

Electromagnetic Interrogations (2011 – 2014) is a kinetic sound work which interrogates the electromagnetic radiation given off by three dismantled but still operative compact disc (CD) players, mounted upon plinths. Swinging pendulum pickup microphones sweep through the air above the electromagnetic dreams of these players as they whirr, hum and whine to themselves whilst cycling through their functions. Presented as plinth mounted reliefs, the machines expose their inner workings, architecture and technological form as they seem to be dreaming of the days when they were new and cutting edge.

The piece reflected the Kinetica show’s themes of metamorphosis and transformation as the electromagnetic space around the players is transformed and transduced into an emerging composition. The process of this transformation is exposed by the nature of the swinging pendulum coil microphones.

Electromagnetic Interrogations at The Kinetica 10th Anniversary Exhibition February 17–19, 2017 at the Ugly Duck, 47-49 Tanner Street Bermondsey, London, SE1 3PL