New Approaches to Capturing and Sharing Experiences

Researcher John Counsell

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1) Enhance and speed the capture of real-time activities and environments for a wide range of events inside and outdoors;

2) Enable research into new uses of this data from

a. enhancement of the limited monaural audio capture to full surround sound

b. new approaches to 360-degree live streamed HD video content creation, distribution and viewing

c. new approaches to further information capture and use of the above to enable for example measurement or commentary or narrative.


The complementary technologies are:

1) Ricoh Theta S camera (trialled during the recent FabCre8 trip to Tiree – the trials included adding the output 360 degree panorama to 3D digital modelling using Renderlights software ); t

2) Ricoh R Development Kit (expected shortly, 24 hours live streaming); and

3) Intel Aero ready to fly Drone.