Ingrid Murphy & Jon Pigott

The Syn-Tea-Sizer is a collaborative work between artists Ingrid Murphy and Jon Pigott. This is the latest in a series of works which brings together ceramic objects and physical computing.. Exploiting the conductivity of gold lustre and inlaid copper wire, the pots become capacitive touch sensors which activate a series of sound sequences when touched by the viewer

. Murphy & Pigott’s aim is to create an alternative sensory experience of a familiar object or scene, in this case exploring the aurality of domestic objects strewn across a table. The sounds are inherent to the objects, created by their manipulation, these sounds and the conductive use of the decorative surface expose sensory and material characteristics of ceramic objects which are frequently overlooked. The viewer is invited to touch the objects and explore the soundscape, over time the gold will be rubbed away to reveal the while clay body beneath, leaving a visual trace of the interaction.

The relationship between touch, sound and objects is frequently explored by Murphy & Pigott to creative interactive works which explore the concept of facture, to experience or perceive an object differently may provide us with a different understanding of an object’s material and its making.

Exhibited at:


Farmleigh Gallery, Phoenix Park, Dublin Saturday,
17th June – 20th September 2017

National Design and Craft Gallery, Kilkenny
18th November 2017 – 21st January 2018


Catalogue: Touchstone 2017 ISSN:
Book: Ceramics Ireland: Celebrating 40 Years of Making and Community. Pub Ceramics Ireland 2019 ISBN : 978-0-9569227-3-1