The Artist’s Hand

Claire Curneen

The representation of the human figure in clay and its resonance within contemporary art practice has long underscored my professional practice and research. I represent the human figure on a small scale in porcelain (approx 80cm h), more recently there is an emphasis on realism, for example the gesture of the hand. When this modelled hand is analyses it is of course purely fictional and anatomically incorrect. With this in mind I am interested to explore this idea, to position the anatomical correct arm gesture with the handmade porcelain figure and analyse how this will alter the perception of the sculpture.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 23.43.50

Using 3D anatomical scans and a variety of 3D printing methods, I  exploit the scalability and versatility of digital files to create new forms which could be incorporated into traditional sculptural methods of construction

This project enables me to bring cutting edge digital technologies and new materials to bear in context of figurative sculptural practice

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Exhibited at:

‘Tending the Fires’ Collect Open, Saatchi Gallery, Kings Road, London. 2018

Contemporary Ceramic Galleries, V&A Museum, Kensington, London 2019 – present