The Material Library

Ingrid Murphy, Jon Pigott & Aidan Taylor

The Material Library is an RFID enabled material library that enables the user to access digital content relating to materials held within a series of test tubes. The user places the test tube in the reader tube which activates film of the material being used in context. These process based films  reveal the potentials of materials to  makers, designers and students in an easy accessible format.

The Interactive Material Library was produced in conjunction with Level 6 Artist, Designer: Maker students. Through RFID tagging and the formal language of scientific categorisation, the library allows an audience to interact and explore an intriguing range of material samples, seeing how they are used, processed and understood through creative practice. It comprises a series of test tubes, each containing a material sample linking to a short film illustrating its application within a creative process Housed in the making studio, this expanding interactive material data base allows students to access key information relation to material and process at the point of need, creating a more immersive and technologically enhanced learning environment

Our relationships with materials can be a key driver in our approach to creative practice, and the library offers viewers an accessible link between raw, material, process and output.

Exhibited at:

Cardiff School of Art & Design Degree Show 2017

‘Seen and Unseen’, Language of Clay 2, Aberystwyth Arts Centre 2019

Academic Conference Dissemination: Murphy, I. ‘Space and the Transdisciplinary Ethos of FabCre8’ (2018) CAA Annual Conference Los Angeles 2018


Book: Murphy, I (2019) ‘The Making of a Maker Space ‘, ‘Reframing Space for Learning:  Excellence and Innovation in University Teaching, Bilham, T., Hampshire, C. Hartog, M., Doolan, M. Pub. UCL IOE Press ISBN: 9781782772460
Journal: Murphy, I ‘Beyond Facture ‘(2017) The Journal of Australian Ceramics, vol 3, no 55