The Self Serving System

Researcher : Jon Pigott

The Self Serving System will emerge as something between an open source Meccano system and a Jean Tinguely sculpture. The project will seek to develop a set of open source tools and technologies based around simple electromechanical components that can be appropriated and applied to a range of projects. In the first instance, however, the system will serve to describe a its own behaviour through an intriguing and configurable sculptural assemblage. Inspired in part by Henry T. Brown’s 1868 publication 507 Mechanical Movements, this project will benefit FabLab Cardiff as well as learning, teaching and research activities within CSAD through the design and production of bespoke electronics and electromechanical devices. The technical and practical outcomes will initially form the basis for a series of CSAD workshops exploring possible creative applications and uses. The technical information, findings and resources generated by the project will be made readily available to all via an open source web resource and any resolved artefacts could be further developed for enterprise potential. Outcomes will be disseminated via events, conferences and journals detailed below.

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