Tiree Techwave

All CSAD Staff

Cardiff School of Art and Design has long standing relationship with Tiree Techwave since its inception in 2011. The Techwave is the brain child of Prof Alan Dix and is held twice a year on the Isle of Tiree in the Inner Hebrides. Alan invites researchers from a range of institutions to come together to work with technology on the margins, both geographically and/or socially.

The vision of the Tiree Techwave is to offer a time to step out, albeit momentarily, from a target-driven world, to experiment and play with hardware and software, to discuss the issues of our new digital maker culture, what we know and what we seek to understand, and above all to make things together. This is all about technology and people: the physical device that sits in our hands, the data.gov.uk mashup that tells us about local crime, the new challenges to personal privacy and society and the nation state.

From 2015-2018 FabCre8 Micro grants supported CSAD researchers, as well as technical and administrative staff and selected PG students to attend the Tiree Techwave. During this time the seeds of many collaborative an transdisciplinary projects were developed.

Tiree Techwaves are a fantastic opportunity for research experimentation and networking. They are also remarkably productive – many of the most notable projects founded, outputs published and grants won in CSAD over the last few years have their roots in ideas seeded in or networks made in the course of Tiree Techwaves.’

Professor S Gill – Director of Research Cardiff Metropolitan University