Cre8 VR

FabCre8 project “Cre8_VR”–  John Counsell


  • New approaches to authoring narrative content in VR; [i]
  • Similar new approaches to authoring interactive VR based narrative embedded in Webpages:[ii]
  • Blend 3D Scanned real objects and digital models to provide exploratory interactive design development viewable in all of these different dimensions and resolutions.
  • Create interactive objects and examples for fully blended learning environments and skills development and delivery
  • Showcasing academic research such as Jay Young, Pip Lawrence and other researchers in CSAD in general and the Fablab in particular
  • Blending engagement into Museum environments, but also creating virtual museum outreaches…


  • Renderlights – 1 commercial “professional” software licence
  • BS Contact – X3D web browser interaction toolset
  • BS Content Studio – Optimisation and authoring X3D VR interactions

[i] Recent experiments with the authoring software Renderlights shows that it changes the paradigm for interactive storytelling, allowing shots to be blended from traditional directed filmic narrative, to free movement in 360 degree stereo film sequences to fully interactive VR models, and back again. Authored content can then be optimised and output simultaneously to low end low-cost Google Cardboard and hi-end Oculus Rift devices.

(e.g. the international space station ; ford clutch assembly ; Sponza; Natural History Museum; Nikon FE2 )

[ii] The authoring software BS Content Studio and its BS Contact webpage ‘plugin’ supports the authoring and optimisation of similar content for smooth webpage embedded interactive narratives. The aim is to make uplifting CSAD web galleries of staff research and student work as interactive freely navigable content that yet tells a story available to prospective students and others external to CMetU.

(e.g.: interactive 3D solid modelling triggered by associated hyperlinked information; Multiplayer Games eg ; urban and city models, including Llandaff Village and the CMetU campuses; stereo vision (with extensions to the software) ; augmented reality eg ; community memories eg where was the (Berlin) wall? ; CAVEs at low cost, perhaps portable even… )

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